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time : 2016-03-19Industry news

  Now many vegetable processing enterprises, with production increased year by year, simple manual operation has to meet the needs of production, Shandong Yinying cooking Machinery Co., Ltd. conform to the trend of the times, according to market demand, and actively introduce domestic and foreign advanced production technology and scientific research personnel, with strong strength, has introduced new products to meet the needs of different customers.  The Eagles "after 40 years of efforts, has developed into a cooking industry leader, won the" northern Eagles reputation. The school canteens, restaurants, pickles factory, food processing factory special multifunction vegetable cutting machine, one by the advent of a lot of praise. The machine is widely applicable to kelp, soy products and a variety of root, stem and leaf vegetables cut processing, processing the shape of a, D, and diamond, the curve. Multifunctional cutting machine maintenance is convenient, the adaptability is strong, the operation is simple, is the vegetable processing industry is the most ideal equipment. And the occupation space is very small. Can greatly save labor and reduce the cost of production, to ensure cutting quality.  The company has first-class after-sales service and professional after-sales service personnel, maintenance personnel perennial stationed in various regions of the country, to provide free on-site installation, maintenance and other services. And high reputation of the logistics cooperation, fast delivery, ensure the safety the customer product safety.


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